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If you need a remote access for your company’s information systems, the LogMeIn Solutions is the best company to rely on. The company is known to provide worldwide services for remote control and file sharing, data backup, systems management, in-demand support for personal computers, business collaborations and other computer related services. In order to take advantage of their support services, simply log on to www.logmein123.com.


How it Works

The moment you access the URL, a page will open up that says “Support Connection”. Right below the support connection is a box that will ask you to key in your six digit code. As soon as you key in the 16 digit code of the remote computer that you want to access, you will need to click on the link below that says, “Start Download”.

Another link that you can find on www.logmein123.com is the “how it works”. When you click on this, you will be given an illustration of how the remote computer operates. There are two illustrations provided on the “How It works” section and these are explained as follows.

Uses of Remote Assistance Software

Remote assistance software is becoming a very popular tool among computer users. It has been in use in IT companies and ITes companies all around the world but companies hailing from non IT industry are also using remote assistance software. Many people are using it for personal purposes as well. There are several benefits of using remote assistance software but prior to looking at the advantages, here are the different uses.

Remote Assistance SoftwareOnline Technical Support

The first utility of remote assistance software is still the most important one. Offering online technical support becomes a cakewalk with remote assistance software. A company can attend to its clients or a company can offer assistance and technical support to its branches or smaller offices from the head office without any trouble. The real time efficiency of remote assistance software and the fact that the expert can be in complete control of the system that needs some fixing, are priceless attributes and every IT professional and business that uses the software cherish such advantages. Remote assistance software has become the very foundation of online tech or IT support companies.

Logmein123 Scam Issues

Logmein123 scam has been an issue that Logmein123 users have been fussing over. Because of the number of the people that had been victimized by scammers, the software has also been on fire. Because of this, many individuals are advising other Internet users to be wary of suspicious offers and help that companies from the Internet are offering.

Logmein123 Scam

• Used by Scammers

Many computer owners and Internet users have been complaining about various scams that use Logmein123 scam that are victimizing innocent and unsuspecting individuals. Most of the scammers that have been using Logmein123 to access the computers of victims are naming themselves as members or employees of large companies that are focused on computer and Internet services.

Microsoft and Symantec are just some of the companies that scammers claim to be employees of. Because the companies are well established and have a good reputation, most victims do not suppose that they are being scammed.

• Microsoft Tech Support

Logmein123 Rescue Features

Logmein123 Rescue is a service that provides help to companies and customers to access and control PCs, Macs and smartphones through remote support. This is quite an advantageous service because it enables clients to be able to do necessary transactions without pre-installed software.

Logmein123 Rescue

The features of this service enable clients to resolve issues on their company and customer’s computers and smartphones easily and securely.

• Support Tools for Technicians

This Logmein123 Rescue feature enables company representatives to have access to clients’ computers and smartphones so that they can assist their clients in solving problems and improving the quality of their service.

Some of the aspects of this feature are:

o Unattended Access
o Integrated Content Portal
o Communication Tools
o Instant Chat
o Multi-Platform Remote Control
o Rescue Desktop App
o Smartphone Support

• Collaboration Tools

This feature allows the manager and the technician of a company to solve problems instantly.

Some of the aspects of this feature are listed below:

o Internal Technician Collaboration
o External Technician Collaboration
o Session Transfer

• Tools for Managers

This Logmein123 Rescue tool enables support desks to be able to give efficient and fast solutions to their clients’ problems.

Try the Logmein123 Free Trial

If you want to avail the amazing services that Logmein123 provides, you can do so by trying the Logmein123 free trial. This provides prospective customers the chance to try out the services that Logmein123 provides and see for themselves the great effects of availing the service of the company.

Logmein123 Free Trial

Logmein123 Free Trial

• Duration of Free Trial Pro

The duration of the free trial of Logmein123 is two hours up to thirty days. After the trial period, you can either end the trial period and end the service or you can also upgrade to a pro version. You can also shift from a Logmein123 free trial pro version into a free version.

• Free Trial Pro Version to Free Version

It is advisable that you make the most out of the pro trial version before the trial expires and you will be reverted automatically to the free version. Because the pro version has more features than the free version, you should try the free trial pro version and see the benefits of its features so that you will be able to evaluate the product properly.

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